Lawrence Front Book Cover PNG.Good people, you have spoken and we are listening. Many potential purchasers prefer credit/debit online purchase options. We would like to make this option available; however typical payment processors such as Payp_ _, Squa_ _, even book distributors Amaz_ _have accumulated significant consumer complaints, which can be researched on (ripoff report)--choose "General Search" to expose many alleged wrongful business practices targeting consumers. Ripoff Report, with whom we have absolutely no affiliation, has been very helpful in becoming educated about allegedly reputable businesses that consumers, on the contrary, document as practicing faulty business practices that sometimes require lawsuits, including class action lawsuits, to resolve! We will keep you updated as we seek to meet  payment processing needs that are convenient for you, the customer. For now, in order to keep pricing extremely low (470-page paperback at only $21.99) for book: Lawrence Phillips-No Coincidence, depicting the former USA professional football player’s TRUE life story; until further notice the book sells by direct sales only (no third party) and only accepts US postal money orders for purchases. This protects both buyer and seller concerning lost or stolen checks, credit/debit card fraud, personal data security breaches, credit card chargebacks and reversal of charges, payment processing transaction fee overcharges, or excessive holds on buyers’ good faith payments, thus delaying timely product shipment. Priority mail includes tracking and insurance up to the book's value, and all sales are final-no refunds.

Thank you in advance for supporting this opportunity for Lawrence’s TRUE, factual story to be made known, and fairness to dictate the final outcome of Lawrence’s life and death.

Lawrence’s Mom, Juanita Phillips

Payment Process

The book ships in the USA by US postal service priority mail flat rate envelope ($6.65) which is added to the $21.99 order price; if book ships to any Georgia (USA) location, an additional tax of 6%, 7% or 8% is added to costs, depending on buyer's local county. Tax rates for Georgia counties are available at on internet, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. listing your Georgia County and we will email you the appropriate tax rate or an invoice with total costs.

For international (non-USA) shipping rates, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and list the address to which the purchase is to be sent and we will advise buyer of international shipping rate and any additional “handling” charges. We do not charge extra for international orders, however if additional shipping and handling fees are assessed by authorities, the purchaser bears the additional costs.

Payment Process - until further notice:

All payments in US Dollars Only - until further notice.

1) Purchase United States Postal Service (US post office) money order. Money Order Cost: $1.25 unless book order exceeds $500 (i.e. bulk book order).

Typical order that ships to state other than Georgia:

Lawrence Phillips: No Coincidence Book Cost for one book - $21.99
Shipping Cost: US Post Office flat rate priority mail (includes tracking and insurance) - $6.65
TOTAL PAYMENT (money order amount) - $28.64

2) Fill in all lines of the money order, making sure to write all of the following on the bottom half of the money order:
In “Pay To” section on the left side, write ALL of the following: Juanita Phillips or Newsaral Publishing

"Address": PO Box 370223, Decatur, GA 30037;  In the “Memo” section write: Juanita Phillips/Newsaral.

On the right side

In “From” section write the purchaser’s name

"Address" write the mailing address to which the book is to be mailed.

3) Fill in all lines at the top half of the money orderthis is your receipt!!!

Separate the money order. Keep the top-half (receipt) in a safe place for your records.

4)  Mail the bottom half (payment) to:

Juanita Phillips
P.O. Box 370223
Decatur, GA 30037

It is highly recommended that money orders be mailed inside at least one folded sheet of paper for extra security if a special “security-lined” envelope is not used, which prevents seeing through the envelope.

Sender's email address can be included on the extra sheet if sender desires an email stating date payment is received and the US priority mail tracking number when book is sent out from Lawrence Phillips Official/Newsaral.

Orders are shipped shrink-wrapped and shipping paper wrapped, and includes paid receipt/invoice.

Thank you for supporting TRUTH about Lawrence Phillips and similarly-situated persons!

Juanita Phillips, Lawrence's Mom


Lawrence Phillips writes: "So many positive people responding...I get letters from positive people all the time...Please be sure to thank all those people when you write about me."