By the end of the book, "Lawrence Phillips: No Coincidence,The Transcending Tell of a 21st Century Football Legend", readers will find out whether the football legend was diagnosed with CTE, the "football brain injury" disease. The book expresses little known facts about the unseen side of USA professional football which remains down-played despite documented authoritative sources through which the information is now freely available. USA Professional Football leadership allegedly knew since the 1930's that certain injuries, including "concussion" injuries which professional football players suffer, causes long-term disability, including potential fatalities. According to New England Journal of Medicine, a 1952 medical study concluded that players should not continue playing football after three concussions injuries (source: "Serious recurrent injuries of athletes; contraindications to further competitivve participation"; by THORNDIKE Augustus, M.D., N Engl J Med. 1952 Oct 9;247(15):554-6. PubMed PMID: 12993269). However, allegedly known severities of football injury risks were allegedly withheld from players, preventing them from making informed decisions about professional football as a career.

The book speculates that Lawrence L. Phillips, as well as other professional football players, particularly minorities-and beginning with the era of a famous California football player who was acquitted of his wife's unfortunate death but nevertheless branded "criminal", and was subsequently convicted in Las Vegas, Nevada and imprisoned; likely became scapegoated through possibly manipulated prosecutions to distract from emerging knowledge of concussion risks that might damage the profitability and even the very existence of the professional football industry should alleged suppressed knowledge of risks become widely known. The book "Lawrence Phillips: No Coincidence..." provides documented, authoritative sources, including the industry's own collegiate football branch's meeting that coincided with Lawrence's entrance into professional football: the National Collegiate Athletic Association Sports Sciences Safety Subcommittee of the Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports which met on February 5-6, 1996 in KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - the same city and year in which Lawrence's college girlfriend filed a six figure civil lawsuit (after initially demanding $1,000,000), the grounds of which were found unlawful by Congress in 2000 Bronkala v. Morrison (during this 2000 court case, the Supreme Court decided that Congress acted unlawfully in attaching monetary awards to the "Violence Against Woman Act of 1994"--click on "Bronkala v. Morrison" above to access the Wikepedia source article). According to United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division, Court Case No. 11-cv-06356, pdf source document: "" The 1996 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Collegiate Sports meeting was allegedly to acknowledge an increase in football and ice-hockey-related concussions (injury risks which would not become widely known until nearly 20 years later)!!!

Astoundingly, the same year as the 1996 Kansas City meeting and the girlfriend's lawsuit was the same year that Lawrence entered the USA professional football draft. Allegedly Lawrence was advised by the Nebraska Higher Education head coach where he attended college on an athletic scholarship, to exit college early and enter the 1996 professional football draft! Just as astounding, the Nebraska Higher Education coach had/has a secret society affiliation associated with Kansas City, MO, which is the international headquarters for all Demolay (freemason-affiliated) chapters across the world, of which the famous coach's history includes membership.

Despite decades of knowledge about damaging effects of concussion injury, it was not until 1994, the year following Lawrence's high school graduation, that the USA professional football association established a "mild" traumatic brain injury association, allegedly, to protect the very profitable industry rather than to protect players. These are just a few of the many puzzle pieces that taken altogether, highly point to the "coincidences" of Lawrence Lamond Phillips, life, wrongful prosecutions and imprisonment, and his and his cellmate's prison deaths as likely anything but coincidence and likely not independent of secret actors and activities targeting Lawrence for destruction and distraction from little-known aspects of USA professional football.

Lawrence Phillips writes: "So many positive people responding...I get letters from positive people all the time...Please be sure to thank all those people when you write about me."