On the advice of a former attorney sports agent, Lawrence Phillips and family allowed false, misleading misrepresentations to be widely published for decades, believing that ignoring the misinformation would cause it to die from lack of attention

The time has come to address these false images and misrepresentations so that truth and fairness prevail. Since past efforts to publish the truth and supporting evidence have failed to eliminate ongoing misinformation and its ill effects, wise counsel has advised different action.

A chief purpose of this site is to provide courtesy notification that Lawrence Phillips is a trademark, subject to protections from infringement ("the action of limiting or undermining something"). It is our hope that this courtesy notice inspires website owners, bloggers, reporters, broadcasters, other media, business owners, sports fans and others to voluntarily remove misinformation. A grace period is underway, following which the trademark owner will seek damages and compensation for continued publication of misinformation which constitutes infringement. An example of infringement is stories with false information posted on websites that display advertisements, or television and/or radio broadcasts supported by advertisement dollars. Such stories unfairly make money from misrepresenting Lawrence Phillips and family in their content, and subject owners, publishers, webhosts, etc. to the "dilution" clause of infringement claims. Click on "Legal Notices" in menu above for further information on infringement / "dilution".

Each visitor to this site is invited to use the site as a starting point for fact finding to ensure that information reported in commercial and/or other use of Lawrence Phillips name, image, and works is supported by fact; does not misinform nor misrepresent Lawrence Phillips and/or family; and has appropriate licensing and/or permissions from trademark owner. For instance, the rumour that Lawrence Phillips “bashed his girlfriend’s head into a mail box” never happened with any person, girlfriend or otherwise. The following is an example of crude, malicious fiction that is simply uncalled for & should immediately be removed--website: http://blog.siriusxm.com/2015/05/19/a-glance-at-lawrence-phillips-difficult-upbringing/   Bobby Bonett posted on May 19, 2015 on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio, that Lars Anderson (reportedly a former Sports Illustrated reporter, journalism instructor in Alabama, and Alabama resident) detailed Phillips’ childhood as follows:

"He (Phillips) came from this really hard background in Pasadena, Calif. Just an absolute horrible childhood. When he was about 10 years old — so his dad was never in his life — his mom invited her boyfriend into their home, and the boyfriend was incredibly abusive. I didn’t put this in the [Bleacher Report] story, but abusive to the degree where, holding down a 10-year-old Lawrence Phillips with his right foot and urinating on him in front of his mother. And Lawrence felt as if the mother condoned this behavior."


Lawrence Phillips never lived in Pasadena California and has no Pasadena background.  No boyfriend was invited to live in the home, lived there, nor urinated on Lawrence Phillips in front of his  mother or otherwise.  Please stop!  For the sake of business owners' careers, business success, and business' online presence; as well as the public's reliance on published stories as authoritative and true, please stop!  All businesses, reporters, bloggers, etc. are invited to use this Lawrence Phillips Trademark grace period to voluntarily remove false depictions of Lawrence Phillips life and his family's life.

Please click “In Others Words” on the Main Menu above to review a sampling of facts from “others” which present compelling evidence that many of the incidents and events that are reported as factual about Lawrence Phillips are unsupported fictions that do not exist and never have, but their harmful effects continue.

Please take advantage of the courtesy grace period to desist from infringement in the matter of Lawrence Phillips name, image, and works, and  that of his family members. Infringement Notifications in public forums that misrepresent Lawrence Phillips and/or family are forthcoming, with a genuine hope of voluntary compliance.  There is no good reason to perpetuate falsehoods about Lawrence Phillips and his family since "More Life" for someone never requires "Less Life" to someone else.

This site also provides an opportunity for those who believe in fair, equal, and impartial justice to help Lawrence Phillips gain just that through gift contributions to Lawrence Phillips Legal Fund hosted at lawrencephillipslegalfund.mydagsite.com (Deposit A Gift.com). Funds will apply towards fees for an attorney in current potential legal matters related to widely reported investigations currently underway as well as for attorney representation for appeals of prior convictions. Since the launch of this website, criminal charges have reportedly been filed.

Thank you for this opportunity to support Lawrence Phillips and family with the fairness, truth, and justice that each citizen of this great country is promised. As noted on this site's "Home" page, Lawrence Phillips thanks the many people who have written and sent him positive letters.