Experiencing multiple prosecutions during his pro football career, Phillips had little capacity to pay private attorneys at the higher rates that celebrities are charged. The fallout from a falsely reported conflict with his girlfriend while in college and a Heisman Trophy frontrunner led to Phillips receiving non-traditional contracts, despite being a first-round draft pick. The contracts restricted his income and how he received it. For instance, signing bonuses, traditionally paid up front in a lump sum, were not paid to Phillips that way. As he performed above average, he was then paid beyond the basic salary. Things such as limited playing time had a great impact on his opportunities to earn income, making it difficult to adequately finance legal challenges that authorities, rather than alleged victims, pursued and exagerrated. Unfortunately Phillips may once again be in a position of prosecution with inadequate representation. No one is above the law nor beneath its benefits. As of date, Lawrence Phillips has had appeals that he was filing confiscated, although legal material is never to be confiscated as an inmate right.  Phillips documents in a letter that following the incident reported as occurring in his cell, handcuffs were placed on his wrists "so tight my hands swelled up like hot dogs and my palms turned blue."  He continues "pictures were taken of my hands and the deep gouge marks visible with the swelling from the handcuffs." If you believe deeply that justice should be fair regardless of the person, the Lawrence Phillips Legal Fund is a way to make a difference. Gift contributions will help to fund private attorneys and legal resources, both in present circumstances and in appeals of prior unfair prosecutions.

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Lawrence Phillips was recently charged with an offense which we believe does not reflect the facts. A private attorney is a crucial and necessary element in protecting one's rights during discovery of evidence and Lawrence Phillips did not have such protection. Gifting Lawrence Phillips with legal funds will go a long way in the resolution for fair justice. Phillips is also putting forward legal appeals for past convictions in which attorney support is crucial.

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