In the matter of the death and homegoing (funeral) of USA/Europe/Canada professional football legend Lawrence Phillips, thank you to each and every one of you who were involved in any and all good ways in honoring Lawrence. Thank Christ Church of the Valley, San Dimas, California for use of the beautiful facility for the memorial/funeral services and for honoring the family's wishes to limit media access, and Pastor Dane Johnson for officiating the services. Thank everyone, especially Nebraska sports enthusiasts and Damon Benning for raising funds for a memorable and highly honoring last service honoring Lawrence's memory. Thank you to all of Lawrence's former college and professional football teammates as well as family and friends who bravely and lovingly spoke only positive things at Lawrence's homegoing. Thank you to all influential and highly esteemed individuals who took time to speak at and attend Lawrence's homegoing services. Thank you to the foster home leadership, foster home friends, childhood friends, all who attended and who wanted to attend but inclement weather and transportation challenges prevented attendance. Thank you, sports enthusiasts who make possible all things positive about sports entertainment. Thank everybody who sent flowers, cards of condolence, made telephone calls, sent emails, mailed letters, and every instance from the smallest to the largest, for expressing love, respect, and honor in Lawrence's memory.

Let us continue to hold up in prayer to our common Creator, every wronged individual involved in the life and death of Lawrence Phillips, the Damien Soward family, and all who remain hostage to systems which make money by wrong-doing targeting powerless individuals. Finally, let us continue to support athletes involved in organized sports where wrongful profit from athletes' immense skills outweighs accountability and fair compensation to players for injuries and damages which affect not only players, but their families for generations to come.